Real Look

Spatial display technology. Watch videos and movies on any device or TV in Real Look format. Visualize the space as if you were looking with your own eyes.

The space of the video is preserved, even if it is reshot in 2D.
In the sample, you can see a colleague playing a video in Real Look format on her iPad. The shot is taken on an iPhone 12 Pro and has not been edited in any way.

Video of one of our clients.
Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. is the largest manufacturer and supplier for the aerospace and space program
in the Czech Republic.

Real Look technology is a new video format. It gives you the opportunity to feel the beauty of depth spatial display.
A huge advantage is that no special equipment or additional accessories are required to run it.
We call this form of view.. Real Look

Once a movie or video is processed into Real Look, all the viewer needs to do is run it.

True love - short movie sample

Workout Zlín - Eliška

By spatial format, most people think of 3D movies in the cinema, with glasses on their eyes and an object flying towards them here and there.
The Real Look technology proves that the spatial perception can be achieved in the opposite way as well. The space goes towards the screen, into the depth of the shot. Like opening a window and looking through it.
And that's just the beginning.

By default, we use ProRes XQ as the output quality in 4K.

Erik Cais - Barum rally Zlín 2022

In-depth, full-spatial recording can be run on any smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. Without previous settings, downloading codecs or additional purchases of accessories.

Štípa city from drone

But the possibilities of technology do not end with the film industry. Real Look can also be applied in industry, technology or the automotive industry.

Its mathematical basis is so complex that it is not limited by the visible spectrum of colors and can be used for any wavelength. All this and more is Real Look technology.

Zoo Zlín Lešná - new version Real Look
Zlín 2023

2D vs Real Look

A sample comparing standard 2D footage and video in Real Look format (The perception of space is more apparent when you look at the monitor from multiple angles or tilt the mobile/portable device sideways)

Zoo Zlín Lešná - Japanese garden
Compare 2D a Real Look

More samples

Luděk Malár - Lonely train
EMP Music 2023